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Pivotal Plays, owned by Talaria, is a media platform designed for TV, digital, mobile, radio, and live events where we share the most pivotal moments in peoples’ lives across the globe. Pivotal Plays brings audiences the critical and compelling stories that have made the difference for successful persons both great and small.

Stories of Positivity on Demand.

Pivotal Plays stories will soon be available online on the new Pivotal Plays digital media platform, which will feature an easy-to-use viewing experience that allows viewers to search video content by topic.

Lightbulb Moments

Pivotal stories when a person was inspired to create, innovate, launch a new business, commit to a passion, or pivot to a new career.

True Grit

Pivotal stories when a person overcame adversity, failure, illness, loss of someone or something, and how they found strength to achieve professional and personal success.

Guardian Angel

Pivotal stories when a family member, coach, mentor, or advocate inspired, nudged, guided, or took a chance on a person, pushed them to the limit and taught them values, persistence, or focus and intensity.

Words of Wisdom

Pivotal stories of accumulated knowledge from life experiences. Pivotal Players share inspirational words that have shaped the way they see the world with a hope to motivate others for greater success.

Pivotal Plays Platforms

In addition to the online media platform, Pivotal Plays stories are shared across several other channels, including live events, radio, written articles, and a new television series.

Live Events

Entrepreneurs, social service professionals, and professional athletes are just a few of the figures that have been on stage at past Pivotal Plays live events. Stay tuned to learn more about upcoming events in the Washington, D.C. area and other major cities around the country.

Radio & Blog

Listen to podcasts and read articles about people who take decisive actions that make a tremendous impact on the business, such as developing groundbreaking innovations or accomplishing the extraordinary with limited resources.

Television Series

Pivotal Plays is producing an original television series starring professional athletes that share inspiring stories of Pivotal Plays that were game-changers, both on the field and on the sidelines of life.

Television Series (In Development)

The biggest moment of your life never announces itself. It happens in a split second. Sometimes it is the culmination of years and decades of hard work, and sometimes it is havoc that happens in an unexpected or unwanted way. The truly big events – whether they come to us loud or as barely a whisper – are the ones that lead you to the person you ultimately become. These are the moments in life where new paths are forged, and they are rarely immediately identifiable. It may take years of living before the pivotal moment reveals itself.

Pivotal Plays is a documentary series that delves into the pivotal moment(s) in the lives of successful athletes, entertainers, executives and political figures. It is the singular moment that proved to be the turning point toward their current success. These TV series also examine how the change in one person’s life can inspire change in the lives of everyday people.


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